​​​It happens more than once that a Binary Option scam will show a very, very, very small fee that is required to be paid if you are able to make your guaranteed goal each month to help push the authenticity of the Binary Option scam.

After all, paying 2.5% is nothing compared to $10,000 a month profits, right? Most Binary Option scams will have the courtesy of taking their very small fee out of your earnings each month and not require you to manually pay them.

However, Google Trader will send you a bill each month if you are able to make the minimum $10,000 each month. That is a big if, since there has yet to be anyone who can claim they made $10,000 with Google Trader, despite the many times Google Trader has been released to the general public.

After an investigation of the Google Trader software, it's been determined that the Google Trader software is just another Binary Options scam.

At first glance the Google Trader seems like a legitimate software, I was fooled the first time Google Trader was released to the general public.

The video appears well done and put together, the algorithm that is based off the Google search engine almost fooled me into investing in the Google Trader software, and I have to stress almost. 

I looked deeper into the software and nothing added up, and i'm glad I didn't invest in this one like I was originally going to, and chose Auto Binary Signals instead. 

The Google Trader software promotion video puts too much emphasis on the fact that the Google Search engine is such a powerful and well known tool and therefore any Binary Option software that just happens to share the same name would be just as profitable and successful.

This proves nothing, and makes me not trust such a simple trick. This sort of scam tactic is used more often than not. Either the Binary Option software scam will make up it's own jargon with the inspiration on how the software was created, like the Profit Hacker System.

If the creators of the Google Trader wasn't able to put enough effort into something as simple as the video promoting the Google Trader, then how can something more complicated as the Google Trader software itself be trusted, or reliable?

If a glance at the Google Trader software promotion video is not enough to convince anyone to trade elsewhere, see my Common Binary Option Scam Tactics and Google Trader software reviews below:

Common Binary scam tactics used in the Google Trader software promotion video:

  • Google Trader advertises the "Becoming a Millionaire overnight" promise- The Google Trader scam software promotion video uses the "Become a millionaire overnight" scam tactic by showing that Google Trader can generate large sums of wealth in a short period of time. Large sums of money that are generated in weeks, months, or even the first 6 months is always a red flag of the Binary Option software being a scam.  Google Trader promises large sums of money in a short period of time, and like many other Binary Option scams, never proves if it is capable of pulling off such a feat. The millionaire promise is always a red flag and should be avoided when considering a Binary Option software.

  • Google Trader uses stock images promoting wealth- To show just how the 1% really live, Binary Option scams, like Google Trader, will use fake stock images to promote their Binary Option scam, and show how the Binary Option scam traders use their fake wealth. The images used in the Google Trader scam software promotion video are fake, every single one of them. You can find them on Google, Yahoo, and other search engines, and they are shown in other Binary Option scam promotion videos as well. These images are recycled to trick Binary Option traders into thinking that Google Trader is a trustworthy software to invest in. Fake stock images should be a red flag anytime they appear in a Binary Option promotion video, so be careful.

  • Google Trader uses screen shots to prove how wealthy their traders have become- Another popular Binary Option scam technique is to use fake screen shots of bank accounts and Binary Option trading accounts to prove just how wealthy the users of the Binary Option software have become using it. Google Trader is no exception. Google Trader uses fake bank accounts to show how effective Google Trader is as a reliable Binary Option software. Binary Options scams, like Google Trader, always use the same scam tactics, and fake bank accounts with large sums of money, used in Binary Option software promotion videos, should be a red flag when considering a Binary Option software.

  • Google Trader uses Fiverr actors and actresses to portrait real Binary Option traders- One of the biggest Binary Option scam tactics is using fake actors and actresses to pretend to be individuals who have tried your Binary Option software. Google Trader uses fiverr actors and actresses to portrait their "satisfied traders", which is not a fair representation of a Binary Option software product that works. It is recommended to watch out when a Binary Option software promotion video has fiverr actors and actresses, they are usually a scam and should be avoided.

  • No experience necessary advertised with Google Trader- The Google Trader scam software promotion video states that no experience is needed with Google Trader, however it is always recommended to research Binary Options, Binary Options trading, and Binary Options Brokers before attempting to sign up with a Binary Option software for the first time. Many Binary Option software will advertise the "no experience is needed" in their promotion video, however real Binary Option software that works will assist the Binary Option beginners, or encourage beginner Binary Option software traders to learn the basics before attempting Binary Options. There are so many Binary Option scams out there, and it never hurts to be cautious.

Google Trader software review:

  • Google Trader is an auto trader- You can auto trade with Google Trader, however it is required that any Binary Option software you auto trade with it, must be a Binary Option software that has a proven track record of not being a scam. Binary Option scams, like Google Trader, will just eat up your deposit if you auto trade, so I recommend not auto trading with Google Trader. It is not worth the hassle. 

  • Google Trader software is free to download- The Google Trader software is free to download, however you are required to deposit to any of the Google Trader scam software Binary Option Brokers.

Conclusion for Google Trader: 

I do not recommend the Google Trader software to anyone. The Google Trader software is, sadly, another scam that is made from the same cookie cutter faulty algorithum that any other Binary scam software has based on my thorough investigation.

The creators of the Google Trader software use the same scam tactic as any other Binary Option scam that uses such famous web icons as Google, Facebook, Youtube, even at one point I believe I saw Lady Gaga in the past as a poster child for a Binary Option scam.

The fact that Google or Facebook has many people that use it and the company makes millions does not mean that slapping a name on a faulty algorithm will automatically make it suddenly work perfectly, as Google Trader and other Binary Option scams make other people believe. 

Everything from the website design to the promotion video is fake and dishonest. There's not a single shred of truth in regards to the story represented by the Google Trader to give any reason to trust the Google Trader software.

Google Trader is just another faulty Binary Options trading software that should not be trusted, and there are plenty of good, honest, reliable Binary Options trading software on the market that would be a better investment. For the current Binary Option software top picks, click the link here.

For the Google Trader yoututbe scam review video, click here.

Good luck trading!
Julia Armstrong

The Binary Option Review Panther

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Binary Option google trader scam review fake profits

A common element with most Binary Option scams involve bank accounts used to prove how wealthy the creator of the Binary Option scam is, along with all their paid testimonials have become. Google Trader is no different. Bank accounts are so easily edited that they should never be believed, particularly with the large amount of Binary Option scams floating around. Fake bank accounts are nothing more than just a Binary Option scam tactic, a poor one at best.

A common theme with Binary Option scams is the endless parade of fiverr actors and actresses who are paid to make a 30 second testimonial.

The fiverr actress above has appeared in more than one of my Binary Option scam reviews.

Just like The Monaco Millionaire software scam, she gives a similar "Rags to riches" story. The problem with most Binary Option scams that use paid testimonials is that there is always a contradiction floating around somewhere with the many, many, many many Binary Option scams that are associated with them

Google Trader Binary Option scam review

Grade: D-

Binary Option scam review google trader fake bank accounts
binary option scam review google trader logo

Google Trader didn't have any Binary Option trading simulations. The best look at any Binary Option trading account for Google Trader would be the screen shot of a edited Binary Option dummy trading account on the front of the Google Trader promotion website.

Google Trader bases all its claims of wealth on the fact that it is named after a famous search engine that is most commonly used, not the fact that it trades well and can make a profit, because sadly, it can't.

These "Guaranteed profits"  that Google Trader claims to give to its users are hard to believe, and they shouldn't be.

It's difficult for any Binary Option software to guarantee such a high amount and prove that it actually works. Despites Google's "Advance knowledge of the stock market", as the Google Trader software promotion video wants its viewers to believe, with Binary Options, that is a totally different story.

Trades are unpredictable at times, and you can't guarantee that 5 months from now that things will be just as profitable as 5 minutes from now. Guaranteed profits aren't a basis to commit to a Binary Option software because they are unrealistic, and the higher the promised profits, the more likely it's a scam.

binary option scam review google trader 2.5% fee
binary option scam review google trader fake trading accounts

Google Trader- Google knows best

For this Binary Option scam review, the Google Trader has been selected from my list of current Binary Option scams to review. This isn't the first time Google Trader has made its debute as a "Reliable Binary Option software" this year, and despite the many reviews promoting this software, this Binary Review Panther has decided to give Google Trader a scam review to warn people that its just another Binary Option scam in disguise.

Looking for a Binary Option software to invest in? Check out our Binary Option Top software picks here.

I'll cover the points as to why Google Trader is just another Binary Option scam in my review of Google Trader below. 

Google Trader software promotion video review:

Ben Williams, CEO of Google Trader, gives us the Google Trader software promotion review. This isn't the first time this year Ben Williams slithered onto the scene with the same "Wolf in sheep's clothing" Binary Option scam.

Google Trader has been released more than once this year, and sadly, people made just as much money the last time as they are making now, which is not even close to what the Google Trader promotion video promises.

Google Trader gives its viewers the following proposition:

          You are about to get access to the most advanced 
                   auto-trading software in the world.
               That is powered by Google Search engine.
                    Pay close attention to this video 
                       because in the next 8 minutes 
             You will have access to exact same software
   that makes our users on average between $1800 to $4300
                       in profits per day for free

Anyone would jump at a chance to make such big profits, however before jumping onto a Binary Option software there needs to be some form of proof that the Binary Option software actually works like it claims, and that's where the Google Trader software fails the most. 

The main hook with the Google Trader is that it is powered by the same algorithum that the google search engine is powered by. As the Google Trader software promotion video states: Google knows when stocks will rise and fall. Google knows everything.

Does that mean that people should just blindly sign up for the Google Trader software Without any shred of evidence that the algorithm that Google Trader uses IS powered by Google? 

There are so many holes in the Google Trader software promotion video that could have been filled with any form of proof that the Google Trader software works.

However the Google Trader software promotion video just has large amounts of the same Binary Option scam tactics used to lure in prospective Binary Option traders to use a software that only has word of mouth to prove that it is trustworthy.

Below are examples of how Google Trader is just another typical Binary Option scam: